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Welcome to Fitness Handy! We are the premier online resource for practical and informational reviews on a variety of exercise and fitness equipment. Our reviews can inform any kind of shopper — from a novice exerciser looking to make their first purchase, to an experienced bodybuilder ready to compare specific details from one piece of equipment to the next.

Each year, the list of fitness equipment on the market continues to grow exponentially. There are a tremendous amount of options out there to choose from. Equipment varies in durability, effectiveness, technological features, and many other factors. You are not alone if you have trouble differentiating one option from another while all of these options are swimming in your head.

If you explore our unbiased reviews, you can skip the exaggerated promises from manufacturers and eCommerce sites. We will help you get right down to what matters most on these machines and devices. Each review includes a “bottom line” recommendation that boils all the most important information down into a few sentences. We also will give you a full list of the key pros and cons for each piece of equipment review. With this information at your disposal, you can make a smart purchasing decision no matter what kind of product you are interested in.


There are so many treadmill options out there, we do not blame you if you do not know where to start. Browse through our treadmill reviews to find incisive analysis of all the top brands and products.

Elliptical Trainers

Elliptical trainers are known for their effectiveness, but not all machines are created equal. Read our elliptical trainer reviews to find the right product for your unique needs.

Exercise Bikes

If you are in the market for an exercise bike, we have the information you need to compare the strengths and weaknesses of some of the most popular options on the market.

Home Gyms

Not sure what to look for in a home gym? Our reviews are just what you need to make an informed decision.


There are some amazing rowers on the market today. Let our reviews and ratings steer you toward the best options.

Strength Training

You can find the best weight lifting or strength training equipment in a matter of minutes with help from our in-depth reviews.

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